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AUTO-THREE 4L Mini Car Household Refrigerator

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Bullet Points:

  • Various Colors: The mini portable 4 litre cold and warm refrigerator can be used at home or in a car. A variety of colors are available.
  • Flip Refrigerator: The flip refrigerator lid has a black sealing ring, ensuring better heat sealing effect.
  • Easy to Carry: There is a handle on the top, easy to carry and light in weight.
  • Wide Application: The fridge has wide application and can be used for storage of beverages and food on the go, picnics, camping, yachts, and at home or in the office.
  • Temperature Details: The lowest cooling temperature: 15 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature, the highest heating temperature 65 ℃.


  • Material: The main body of the product is made of plastic ABS, the interior is made of aluminum liner, the electronic semiconductor is cooled / heated, the partition is movable inside, and the top handle is retractable, convenient to carry.
  • Each product is equipped with two cables, one for car and one for home.
  • Application scenario: Outdoor picnic, refrigerated medicines, cosmetics, fresh milk, beverages, fruits, bread, etc. yacht sailing or fishing, student dormitory, traveling by car, taxi.


  • Name: Car Home Dual-purpose Refrigerator
  • Capacity: 4L (6 cans of beverage cans)
  • Power supply voltage: 100-240V, 50 / 60H, DC12V
  • Power: 42W
  • Minimum refrigeration temperature: 15-20 ℃ lower than ambient temperature
  • Maximum heating temperature: the temperature is controlled at 55-65 ℃
  • Single net weight: about 2.2Kg
  • Single gross weight: about 2.9Kg
  • Appearance size: about 26.8cm × 19cm × 29cm/10.55 * 7.48 * 11.42in
  • Color: white, blue, pink

Packing List:

  • 4L Car Home Dual-purpose Heating and Cooling Box x1
  • Car Cigar Lighter x1
  • Household Charger x1
  • Manual x1


  • The car refrigerator cannot provide the freezing function (can not freeze ice cream and other things), it can only be refrigerated and heated.
  • The cooling temperature of the car refrigerator is 15-20 degrees lower than the current ambient temperature (if the current ambient temperature is 25 degrees, the refrigerator cooling temperature can reach 10-5 degrees).
  • Car refrigerators are related to the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature is, the longer the cooling time will be.
  • The refrigerator is equipped with a cooling fan, and the fan emits a small sound of about 28 decibels during operation.
  • The temperature of the car refrigerator is related to the ambient temperature. After starting the water tank, the temperature drops, and the hot air condenses into water vapor or frost accumulates on the cabinet. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the cabinet also rises, and the accumulated water vapor or frost It melts to form water droplets, which is a normal phenomenon. If you mind the water droplets, you can wipe it by yourself if conditions permit, not a quality problem.
  • After the car turns off, we do not recommend that you continue to use the refrigerator in the car. Although the power consumption of the car refrigerator is small, the battery storage of the car is not large, and it cannot be powered for a long time after the flame is turned off. After turning off the refrigerator, if you need to keep the low temperature inside the cabinet, please connect it to a stable power supply and continue to use it after the flame is turned off.























































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