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AUTO-THREE Automotive LED Cobra Head Shift Knob

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Product story

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Item Type: Gear Shift Knob
Item Height: 0.98inch
Item Width: 2.8inch
Item Weight: 0.120kg
Material Type: metal
Item Length: 4inch
Car Make: Universal

With LED light T, button adjustable flash, slow flash, constant light,
Fashion design unique personality super cool, refitted boutique appropriate size, feel comfortable,
Ergonomic design and concepts make it easier to control your car

Installation instructions:

1.take off the gear of the original car.
2.Remove the bottom cover at the bottom of the gear head
3. The black rubber cover in the accessories shall be found to be large and small consistent with the shift bar, and shall be installed on the shift bar.
4.Press the bottom cover on the gear stick, and cover the gear stick.
5. Put the small screws on, tighten the hexagon screw, and then tighten the bottom cover.


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