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AUTO-THREE Car Air Outlet Rotating Petals Aroma

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Petal Color
Product Name
Rose Aromatherapy
Aluminumalloy, Silicone
Product color
Pink, white,blue, purple
Aromatherapy time
about 30days (onepiece)
Product weight
Product carton size
Carton weight (per carton)
  • Product performance description

Car air outlet aromatherapy fan, Your companions along the way,Natural light fragrance accompanies you with a relaxing travel. Simple and stylish Petal Fan ,Why choose us? How to choose the right car perfume?Glass bottle perfume: Glass bottle perfume doesn’t have sun protection. It’s fragility is a risk.Aromatherapy stick or air outlet aromatherapy, it is fixed in position, and can only diffuse  fragrance.However, the Rose Aromatherapy is not only a car perfume or a small decoration, but also an aroma fan with an aerodynamic design.This Rose Aromatherapy, which uses the same aerodynamic design principle of the twin-turbo propeller aircraft, makes light blades.
Moreover, it is equipped with new imported shaft, making quiet and noiseless operation. Restore the simple and light texture, bring the coolness of the ocean to you.
Details Images
Mini Fashion Petal Design Turn when there is wind The Rose Aromatherapy has an upgraded alloy material, which has a higher grade. It can break down the odor and make the air in the car fresher.This product does not contain alcohol, is resistant to high temperatures, is not afraid of exposure to the sun, can remove odors,and is long-lasting and fresh. It can be securely used by Pregnant woman and babies.
Shape and size details
This product has 3D matte alloy surface and been made by integrated molding process, and has mini fashion petal shape. It is exquisite and small, enhances the style of the car, takes up no space, and does not block the view. And the soft silicone clip doesn’t hurt the air outlet grille.It’s compatible with crosswise air outlet grille, but not compatible with circular air outlet grille
Fragrance details
This product can be placed with aromatherapy liquid that uses multiple processes to condense and concentrate, using high-quality essential oils to extract high-purity fragrances and condense the concentrated essential oils into a scented liquid.
Natural flavor
This aromatherapy liquid is extracted from plants, refined and concentrated from essential oils. It does not contain industrial
alcohol and chemical aroma volatiles. It is resistant to high temperature exposure, prevents low temperature deterioration,
naturally emits fragrance, and is safe from explosion.Be aware of the dangers of poor quality perfume. Poor quality perfume is chemically synthesized, corrosive and pungent. Poor quality perfumes are low in cost and poor in texture. Long-term use is very harmful. However, the Rose Aromatherapy restores clean nature breath.

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