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AUTO-THREE Emergency car tire snow chain

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  • Emergency situations are unpredictable. When driving on snow, muddy roads, icy roads and other roads with severe conditions, accidents are likely to occur. The anti-ski chain of the car tire will rescue the car from the car. Good solution. Difficult situation.

  • It will not damage the tire, and the use of injection molding can effectively reduce the number of nodes, reduce the degree of damage to the tire, and extend the service life of the tire.
    Nylon material, strong abrasion resistance, using reinforced and reinforced nylon material, strong mechanical strength, high softening point, shock absorption and silence.
  • Small size, easy to store, good anti-skid effect, emergency use, low price, versatile, suitable for light snow, small road area and fast snow melting roads.
  • When encountering slippery sidewalks or mud pits outdoors, it is difficult to install dense snow chains on the mud pits. This part can be easily installed to solve the problem. The number of chains can be freely selected according to tire size and road conditions.
  • There are multiple anti-slide grooves on the side, which can form multiple grip points, and remove snow and anti-slip at the same time. Reasonable mechanical design increases the friction between the tire and the ground, so as to achieve a good anti-skid effect.

【Product Description】:

  • Snow chain-This kind of nylon snow chain is basically similar in shape to tendon snow chain. In addition to the good quality of nylon and strong tensile force, there is also a tensile nylon cord rubber. Similar to the manufacture of tires, nylon filaments play a role in resistance to tension and
  • reinforcement, and play a role in skid resistance. Although the appearance is similar to a beef tendon chain, its overall thickness and net shape are larger than that of a beef tendon chain. This rubber snow chain is very useful in cold weather and mountain climbing. The car snow chain is a car safety product specially designed for car driving safety. The special rough surface of the anti-slip chain is usually used to increase the friction of the road in snowy and muddy road conditions to protect the tires, prevent slippery tires and ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. Especially on heavy snowy roads in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth and safe driving of the vehicle.
  • Automotive snow chains are not the only seasonal products, that is to say, they are not only effective in winter, rain, snow and snow, but also in various vehicle driving conditions (such as taxiing, off-road, field surveying and field driving) Both have an irreplaceable role.
  • Before traveling, please install snow chains first, and do not install snow chains after encountering icy and snowy roads, because it is not easy to install snow chains for temporary parking, which will not only cause installation troubles, but also will not help. Before installation and removal, please park the vehicle in a safe place. If you are on a busy road, you need to set up the necessary traffic warning signs. Do not use flat tires to install snow chains.


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