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AUTO-THREE Whole Car High Throughput Air Circulation Purifier

Turbo-accelerated speed fan bring a crazy large air intake, the three-layer HEPA filter removes any dirt in the air. Even if your car is a super large SUV, it can purified in 7 minutes!

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1,Hepa13,PM2.5 remove filter(optional formaldehyde remove filter:HEPA12+activated


2,The third generation of negative ion patent technology

3,remove bad smell,PM2.5 ,smoke,formaldehyde,TVOC &germs

4,High concentration of negative ions released per second,improve sleep ,enhance immunity,improve self healing,overcome motion sickness and alleviate driving fatigue

5,Filter replacement reminder function

6,Automatically switch on when you start your car ,SHARP particle sensor,3 speeds,fully intelligent automatic purification.

7,Double fan ,left and right outlets,large air volume,rapid purification.

8,Automotive PC material ,high temperature resistance up 125℃

10,Timing setting shutdown function: shutdown after 6 hours continue work.

11,With air quality lighting display

12,Low noise and low power consumption

13,MERV 14 high efficiency circular filter

Technical specifications

Purification method HEPA13 filter for PM2.5 removal deep purification to make good air +360°Mesh 3M MERV14 Electrostatic electret material filter+10 million negative ion generator
Filter replacement remind Yes
Purifying substance Remove bad smell, PM2.5, smoke, fomaldehyde, TVOC&germs
Display Air quality lighting display, Red-worst air,Green-bad air, Blue-good air
CARD value of particulate matter 70.8m³/h
CADR value of formaldehyde 39m³/h
Negative ion concentration >10million pcs/cm³
Maximum air volume 24m³/h
Noise <55dB
Efficiency of removing PM2.5  ≥99%
Efficiency of removing formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC  ≥99%
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Maximum Power 12W
Installation location Binding Fixation
Power supply mode 5meters length of cigarette light cable,stable output
Operation Way Intelligent three-gear cleaning ,start and stop with car start and stop
Air quality control Humanized Tri-color light display air quality

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