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AUTO-THREE Car glass wiper

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One-touch Repair, Clear with No Streaks

30 second fix / Double process / Full metal material Cost saving / Easy to use / Portable lanyard

30 Second Fix

Easily repair wiper wear, aging, and stains with a single stroke. Before repair: uneven wiper surface and glass blurred after wipe After repair: smooth wiper surface and clear glass

Double Sanding Strip for Grinding Evenly

Even grinding to extend the life of wiper blades. Fine sanding strip: when the wiper is lightly worn, use fine sanding strip to grind it. Coarse sanding strip: when the wiper wears heavily, use both fine and coarse sanding strip to grind it. *When the crack of the wiper blade is too deep, it is recommended to replace it.

Smooth and Even, Wipe and Clean

Give you a clear vision.

Full Alloy Sturdy and Durable

Baseus repairer: metal material, long lifetime Old-fashioned repairer: plastic texture and short lifetime

Extend the Lifetime of a Wiper by 3 Times

A wipe still works after grinding. *For driving safety, it is recommended to replace wipers after three to six months.

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