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AUTO-THREE Car headlight repair tools【Buy one get one free】

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*Using a new car headlight repair fluid can restore the obtuse angle and cloudy lenses of the car headlights, and improve the safety of driving at night.
*Easily remove scratches and immediately restore the light output of the car, so as to obtain a clear and visible view.
* Effective cost-effective repair, no need to buy new headlights and pay for installation.
*It can be used as a barrier on the surface of the headlight to protect it from aging, fading, weather and sunlight erosion, rain, dust, etc.
* Easily restore clarity
*Completely eliminate the haze and corrosion of the headlight lens, and easily restore the light output and beam pattern, while providing you with long-lasting UV protection.
*Improve aesthetics
*By eliminating the yellowing and fuzzy oxidation of the car lights, it greatly restores the appearance and adds value.
* Fast and easy to apply

Features and advantages of headlight sealing:

 Restore clarity
Provide a hard protective layer
Increase resistance to scratches and yellowing
In sunlight, pollution, acid rain and salt can make the plastic headlight lenses yellow, cloudy and opaque. Matte headlights pose serious safety risks. Their radiation is significantly reduced, and the line of sight in the dark becomes worse and worse. This poses a danger to all drivers! In addition, natural and clear, well-maintained headlights also contribute to the appearance of the vehicle, thereby maintaining value.

Use the headlight repair kit to restore the matte and yellowed headlights to new ones! The kit contains everything you need to achieve professional results. The application saves the expensive cost of visiting the workshop and even the cost of replacing the headlights.


The headlight sealant (also included in the headlight kit) provides comprehensive protection for the headlights. Its unique formula provides a weather-resistant, weather-resistant, highly polished coating that resists environmental influences. In addition, the smooth, anti-pollution seal can keep the headlamp cleaner for a longer life. With regular use, the anti-ultraviolet function it contains can significantly prevent the headlights from yellowing and becoming cloudy again.


Before touching the surface, let it dry for 1 hour and wait at least 8 hours before exposing the headlights to moisture (such as rain, dew or car wash).

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