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AUTO-THREE Car negative ion car air purifier

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Product description

✅ Adoption:

The manual nano active air purifier can replicate the natural cleaning process and release 4.8 million pieces of negative ions per cubic centimeter. Effectively capture 99.7% of common airborne fine particles (PM 2.5) pollutants, such as smoke, dust mites, and gas (VOCS). These ions can refresh the air without any harmful chemicals or perfume.

✅ Reliable technology:

Mercedes-Benz adopts an S-class air balance system in the car. Then by Lexus GS series S-flow air conditioner, using Panasonic Nanoe purification technology.

✅ Negative ions actively resist and neutralize air pollution, not only inhibiting but also improving mental clarity by locking in moisture.

✅ Quiet operation:

using advanced ionization and high-quality materials, such as ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, low noise level and greater durability. The same ion technology used in Sharp Plasmacluster refrigerators is used to keep food fresh, hotels and restaurants to remove the smell of smoke.

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