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AUTO-THREE Car paint care cleaning waxing tools

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Choose the shade to move the car
Wash and dry
Pour car wax in
Waxing machine
(The waxer needs to be purchased separately) or directly
Pour on the sponge and use
Evenly wax the car
Apply to the scratch, fish scales cover the scratched area back and forth
Waxing order: front cover, roof, rear cover, both sides
Allow it to dry slightly (5-10 minutes). Just wipe clean

Self-service waxing selection is very important for car wax, liquid car wax, solid car wax, quick dumping_waxing, save effort and effort. Repeated dipping and waxing, laborious and time-consuming, applicable to various colors of car paint, one bottle worth more than one bottle, white car paint, limited use.

Can be used without picking up car paint, high-quality liquid car wax, suitable for
White, gray, red and other colors
Turn old cars into new ones to restore the original brightness, select high-quality stearic acid materials to quickly brighten the gloss of the car paint, and the body is as bright as new

Scratch defects, wipe repair, effectively penetrate into the gaps in the paint, repair car scratches, easy to use without hurting the car
Invisible protection, does not damage the paint, and can form an invisible protective film on the surface of the car after painting, which can easily deal with various problems (dust, acid rain, oxidation)

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