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AUTO-THREE Car smart display

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  • 2020 latest head-up display modern design HUD OBD2 + GPS smart meter speedometer safety alert water and oil temperature overspeed RPM
  • OBD and GPS (optional working system) are compatible with all cars (diesel, gasoline, hybrid, trucks and motor vehicles, etc.)

  • Features:


  • 1. OBD mode information display: speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, several kilometers, cumulative total kilometers, driving time, system time, intake pressure, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio, turbine pressure, intake pressure, acceleration, Brake test, read the data stream.


  • Alarms: overspeed alarm, speed alarm, high water temperature alarm, low voltage alarm, engine failure alarm, clear fault code, free switching between kilometers and miles, free switching between KM/h and MPH, free switching.
  • 2. GPS mode information display: speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, mileage, voltage, acceleration, brake test.


  • Alarm: Speeding alarm, low voltage alarm, free switching between kilometers and miles.

  • Product Highlights:
  • 1: OBD + GPS dual system, applicable to all cars.
  • 2: Two installation methods: 1) on the dashboard, 2) on the windshield
  • 3: The stand can be rotated in all directions to adjust the viewing angle and height.
  • 5: Speed ​​unit KM/H and MPH are disconnected: Turbo pressure: PSI and KPA are disconnected. Fuel consumption unit KM/L and L/100km
  • 6: The first HUD displays all the data from the OBD + GPS dual mode, no need to switch the operating system because the OBD2 protocol is compatible.
  • 7: Add ambient light: the default color is blue
  • When an alarm occurs, it changes to red and flashes (remains brightest) to remind the driver.
  • 8: Model design and high quality: New tool design, the drive can always see the clock (upper right corner).
  • 9: 9 different interfaces, you can choose any display interface you like.
  • 10: Accept customization with different MOWING restrictions: add a startup screen with logo; customize packaging; add new functions and display interface

  • note:


  • 1. If you set the speed unit KM/H, the water temperature unit is automatically ℃, the driving distance unit is automatically KM, and the fuel consumption unit is automatically L/100KM.
  • If the set speed unit is MPH, the water temperature unit is automatic ℉, the driving distance unit is automatic mile, and the fuel consumption unit is MPG.


  • 2. The default display is in OBD2 + GPS dual mode at the same time, but if the car does not have OBD2 protocol or OBD2 protocol is not compatible, it will only display GPS function.

  • packing list:
  •  Intelligent HUD Meter V60
  • OBD cable
  •  Velcro stickers
  • Hexagon wrench
  •  Crowbar

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