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Car Wax Sealer Coating Wax【Buy 1 Get 1 Free】

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Waxing can be polished immediately, without too much waiting, it is more convenient to use!
✅Easily eliminate light pollution and stains! –High-quality car wax is ideal for quick and easy decontamination before polishing ceramic coating! Give your car a new look.

✅Super soft, super fine material! –Upgraded crystal formula, smoother. Using high-quality, pure carnauba wax, the best material for crystal plating, polysilazane, has more durable protection and more scratch resistance

✅The safety of the paint! –The luxurious blend of carnauba wax and polymer can provide strong and long-lasting protection. It maintains your smoothness with glossy reflective luster, which is safe and effective in all types of bright coatings.

✅Ultra-wide range of use! –It is suitable for the maintenance of paint, glass, plastic parts, decorative parts, leather, and tires of any car color. It is a universal car beauty wax.

✅Main functions! –Deoxidize and polish. It can effectively fill the fine scratches and form the protective layer of transparent crystal. Anti – UV formula, effectively prevent the aging of car paint.


  • 1. Avoid the sun when waxing, choose a cool place to avoid the wax drying too fast
  • 2. When the air humidity is high, extend the speed of car wax solidification
  • 3. The order of waxing: roof-front cover-both sides-rear
  • 4. The thickness of waxing: only a very thin layer
  • 5. Auxiliary products prepared before use: waxing sponge and soft polishing towel
  • 6. The degree of oxidation of external surfaces such as painted surfaces will affect the effect after sealing, and solid products are not suitable for over-oxidized surfaces
  • 7. Principle of the fire source, the principle of children, strictly forbidden to mouth like eyes; immediately wash with water if it gets into eyes.
  • 8. Freezing, exposure to the sun, 0-40°C in a cool and ventilated storage, and transportation are strictly prohibited.


  • 150ml
  • Silicon Nitrogen, Carnauba wax
  • Solid
  • 3 years
  • New Car Coating Wax: 8CM × 8CM × 3CM
  • New Car Coating Wax × 2/4

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