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AUTO-THREE Digital display 12V car air pump

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product description

Current: 10A

Input voltage: 12V

Power cord length: 3 meters

Product function: inflatable, lighting

Inflation time: 5-6 minutes

Pressure: 150PSI

Product size: 21*18*8cm

Product performance

🔅IPS is intelligently designed, safe and secure

Intelligent pressure system. Multi-part guarantee for safe tire pressure, only need to set the tire's safe tire pressure value in advance (usually the safety tire pressure value is 35psi), the inflation will automatically stop when the preset tire pressure is reached, and it will not cause excessive deviation of the 4-wheel inflatable tire pressure Larger, it can prevent the hidden danger of overcharge and blowout. +Two buttons, easy to preset tire pressure, press the inflation switch, inflation to the preset value, it will automatically stop.

🔅High-speed power and efficient inflation

Advanced and improved movement. High-power airflow output to achieve rapid inflation. Refill to standard tire pressure in about 5 minutes

🔅Continuous work

The special movement components greatly enhance the continuous working time of the air pump. 30 minutes of continuous working time, performance is greatly improved

🔅Active noise reduction works in low voice

The noise problem is currently an insurmountable problem in the field of charging pumps. Even the hair dryer is noisy when it is working, and the wind of the inflatable pump is greater. A completely silent charging pump is impossible

We are working hard to reduce this sound.

🔅Multifunctional LED light

With multifunctional lights, LED lighting, red slow flashing warning lights, red fast flashing distress lights, one light for multiple purposes

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