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AUTO-THREE Five-in-one handheld air pump

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This is a five-in-one air pump with multiple functions, such as: inflation, tire pressure measurement, emergency rescue SOS, safety hammer, lighting

It can quickly inflate cars, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, inflatable toys, tires, sports equipment, bicycle tires, air mattresses, etc.
Fashionable and portable: the pump with LED light has a unique pistol shape, which can be used during the day or night to provide lighting

Emergency gas supplement:
Full of power, 19-cylinder high probability of replenishing air, full of power of metal motor!
Quickly inflate in 3-5 minutes, according to the tire lack of air, make up to about 2.5 tire pressure
Metal tire pressure gauge:
Hand-held tire pressure measurement, use the gun head to aim at the mouth of the car and press down to measure the tire pressure

Note: Generally, the tire pressure of car tires is 2.5kg/cm, so when pumping up, point the hour hand to about 2.5 in the inner ring to turn it off!
Metal safety hammer: emergency escape, easily break the window to escape danger when danger occurs!

If you put the anti-riot film on the broken glass, knock on the corners around the glass, the car glass will stick to the anti-riot film, so please follow the middle part to be stronger than the edges, be sure to knock on the edges of the anti-riot film, and hit the four corners of the glass with a safety hammer !

Emergency flashing lights:
When you are in danger and ask for help, turn on the flashing light to send out a distress signal!Emergency lighting:
In the case of night and dark night, it can provide lighting function!
Multi-purpose gas nozzle, suitable for any vehicle


Voltage 12V
Current 7A
Power cord length 3M
Size 11.8*13*4
Power supply connection cigarette lighter port

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