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AUTO-THREE HD automotive general HUD head-up display

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Note: This is OBD Hud. If you are not sure whether the model is compatible,

you can choose:

1. Contact us for more information to determine if it is compatible with your car

2. Buy our C1 monitor, which has OBD + GPS dual system and is compatible with all vehicles

The main function:


• Display information: vehicle speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, single driving distance, total driving distance, driving time, turbocharging, air-fuel ratio, oil temperature

• Alarms: low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, then speed alarm, engine fault code alarm, eliminate fault code, freely switch between kilometers and miles (Km/h&MPH), Celsius and Fahrenheit (°C&℉).. .

• Added new functions: accelerated competition mode, braking performance test, can view vehicle data flow information


P15 OBD intelligent digital instrument:

Plug and play non-destructive and easy to install, displaying 48 data from car ECU

Faster refresh speed, dual core dual operation

9 display modes, free switching, more than 100 small display interfaces to choose from

8 color designs, three position colors can be switched

Can solve these problems, such as: oil temperature monitoring, fault code, car data display, fuel consumption display, car failure alarm, average fuel consumption monitoring

Technical specifications:

Ambient temperature -40c- + 80c

Air pressure 86-106 Pa

Alarm sound level = 30dB (A)

Working pressure 11V~16Vdc (12Vdc / 400mA)

Screen size 3.0 inches

Appearance size 73*23 (mm)

Resolution HD

Common problems (solutions to common problems):

1. No display on the screen, no electricity

Start the car engine; check whether the OBD cable is firm; please pull the OBD cable several times to fix it; check whether the HUD switch is lit. If it still does not display, please test the device on another car to analyze whether the car’s OBD diagnostic interface is good, if not, please fix it and try again.

2. When the HUD is turned on, the HUD only displays the car voltage, and it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of driving.

HUD is only applicable to cars with OBD2 agreement and EU-OBD agreement (European area: after 2003, other areas: after 2007)

HUD products do not support JOBD and OBDI, it is recommended to test another car.

3. The HUD cannot be seen clearly when it is in the sun with double reflection.

Check whether the surface protection film of the HUD host is torn, and then paste the reflective film on the windshield. When the HUD is powered on, press the setting button vertically for 5 seconds to enter the menu setting, short press twice to enter the menu 2, adjust the parameter to save 5, and press it vertically for 5 seconds.

4. Speed ​​is not accurate

One. First, whether the speed unit is correct, the speed unit can be switched between KM/H and MPH, short press the wave button to switch between KM/H and MPH

B. When the HUD is turned on, press the setting button vertically for 5 seconds to enter the menu option, find menu 1, parameter display 107, increase or decrease the setting value according to the difference, until the display is correct. . After adjustment, press and hit vertically for 5 seconds.

5. Wrong operation will cause crash. Or the data is incorrect

Perform reset settings.

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