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AUTO-THREE KR HD Digital Binoculars

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KR HD digital binoculars are great for hiking and traveling in the wilderness, but you don't actually have to leave town to benefit from using KR binoculars. You can study your hometown in more detail, or you can have a bird's eye view of the entire landscape on top of high-rise buildings.

KR HD digital binoculars can be used to observe them during daily activities with your eyes alone, or to study the architectural details of historical buildings.

These digital binoculars are equipped with 1080P 5MD LCD portable camcorders, which can produce high-definition digital telescopes, which are very suitable for all-optical systems and high-definition video systems. Their performance will exceed any standard binoculars on the market. Ideal for surveys, adventures, concerts and more!

In the dark environment, the dual function technology of telescope digital imaging, video recording and photography is perfectly used.

Image + video
After careful design, you can easily shoot high-definition images and high-definition videos to instantly capture high-resolution memory that can continue to grow.

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