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AUTO-THREE Mirror HUD head-up display

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LCD wide temperature screen is good at texture, high temperature resistance, low energy consumption and super power saving

Using customized high temperature resistant imaging originals, the rated temperature range is -30*/+80°, which meets the requirements of vehicle regulations. Subverting the traditional design, 120 LED lamp beads are mounted on the aluminum substrate by flip-chip technology, and the COB package forms an integrated surface light source, which emits blue light and then excites the fluorescent material to emit white light. The light-emitting surface dissipates heat evenly and is highly energy-efficient.

Flicker-free 12-level automatic light perception, can be seen clearly during the day without glare at night

The built-in light sensor system can automatically adjust the screen brightness in 12 levels according to the light brightness of the current environment, bringing a comfortable visual experience, smooth transition and no flicker. In addition to automatic light perception, it can also be adjusted manually through the buttons on the body, or controlled by APP, with 3 brightness modes as you choose.

*Remarks: Due to different production batches, the screen time and color display are slightly different. Please refer to the actual material.

Semi-hidden design, simple and unique innovative experience

The exterior design adopts a low-profile and semi-concealed design, which can not only integrate with the car but also demonstrate the technological temperament of HUD equipment. The appearance material adopts the mixed process of polycarbonate and ABS, which achieves high temperature resistance without deformation, UV resistance and discoloration on the basis of perfect shape.

OBD real-time monitoring to protect your driving safety

Expand the display of the original car. There are all the data you want to see here, including speed, speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, navigation, electronic dog, speeding reminder, etc. It is versatile and compatible with more than 90% brand gasoline models.



1: When using "mirror projection", "display data" is clearer

2: Drive safely, keep your eyes open, no need to look at the dashboard when driving

3: Easy to install, just connect the HUD with the on-board OBD port through the OBD cable, when the car engine is on/off, the HUD will display

4: Driving overtime alarm

5: Speeding alarm

6: Engine failure alarm

7: Top HUD and HD display



Product name: Mirror HUD head-up display

Display color: green and white, blue and white, white

Screen size: 56*135MM

Appearance size: 135*68*30 (mm)

Material: ABS+PC

Resolution: HD

Display unit: auto speed, clock, battery voltage, speed, water temperature

Alarms: overspeed, engine failure, water temperature, voltage

Applicable models: General

Installation location: on the center console

Connection: Connect to automatic OBD port

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