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AUTO-THREE Universal double-layer storage net pocket between seats

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  • Product name: Universal double-layer storage net pocket storage bag between seats
  • Product specifications: 25*30cm, increase 30*30cm
  • And other vehicles, used to put paper towels, removable, small leather bags, mineral water and other sundries, can be placed between seats, barriers (to prevent rear children from interfering with driving), making driving safer;
  • Friendly reminder: Wider size off-road vehicles may be smaller in size, please verify and purchase;
  • Product features: high elastic mesh surface, which can put more items, and at the same time has very good recovery, which is different from general inelastic mesh!
  • Installation instructions: All the cars can be hung up as shown in the figure. The installation is very simple. The net bag is equipped with four hooks (hanging loops), which can be directly hooked in the appropriate position, fixed between the front seats of the car or other suitable The position net bag fixed hanging ring (upper end) is connected to the elastic rope. Please check the fixed position of the firm hook (lower end). It must be reliable to avoid potential safety hazards.


  • This shop is only responsible for selling the net bag, installing the blocking net and using it to cause damage to other things, etc. This shop is not responsible for it. Modification is risky. If you cannot accept this clause, please take it carefully, thank you!
  • Since the location of the net bag is not the same, and the material of different cars is different, you must confirm that it can be installed and used normally before buying.


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